Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Things I'm Thankful for in Education

I’m grateful for a career in education.  Here is some stuff that I really appreciate:

Parents who give teachers the benefit of the doubt.

Colleagues who are always pleasant.

Custodians who take pride in their work.

Teachers who give shoutouts to their co-workers.

Students who are kind to their classmates.

Central Office staff who ask what they can do to help.

CNP staff who joke with the students when they are serving them.

In-person schooling.

Nurses who demonstrate compassion in the midst of the drama.

Administrators who understand their most important role is to support the teachers.

Librarians who create inviting spaces for the school community.

Legislators who recognize that they may not have expertise in education.

Paraprofessionals who show extraordinary poise with challenging kids.

Opportunities to make others smile.

Secretaries who are patient as they answer the same question for the tenth time.

Teachers who recognize that their students have a lot of stuff going on at home.

Counselors who are gracious with anyone who happens to walk into their office.

SRO’s who spend time in the hallways.

Staff members who jump in to help when their co-worker has a family emergency.

I have many things to be thankful for in my school.  I bet you do too.