Tuesday, May 4, 2021

I don't know...



I don’t know about that time you had family stuff going on, and you really needed to stay home… but you came to work anyway.


I don’t know about that time you stayed at work late to help a student who was behind.


I don’t know about that time you got a lesson ready for a colleague who was dealing with an emergency.


I don’t know about that time that the student was mumbling under his breath, but you didn’t let it get to you.


I don’t know about that time the parent sent you the nasty email, but you responded with poise and professionalism.


I don’t know about that time you gave the student chance after chance… when they really didn’t deserve it.


I don’t know about that time you put extra energy into planning a cool classroom experience for your students.


I don’t know about all those times you sacrificed personal time, so you could give students quality feedback on the assignments they turned in.


I don’t know about that time you had a disastrous morning, but you still smiled for your students, and you still jumped into the lesson with a positive attitude.


I don’t know about all those times your principal said or did something dumb… but you still showed support to your administration.


I don’t know about that time the student brought a terrible attitude into your classroom… but you responded with grace and compassion… because you figured they had something else going on.


I don’t know about that time you did something special for a student.  Nobody knew about it… but you did it because you care about your students.


I don’t know about all the times you rose above your own fears and anxieties to deliver a great education for your students.


As teachers… you do remarkable things… and mundane things… every day… that make this school a great place.  I don’t always know about them.  But they matter.  And so you matter.  Thank you for teaching our students.




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