Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A HOPE that Transcends Test Scores

At the beginning of this school year, our staff members wrote their hopes for our students on the wall outside of our main office. This included our teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, maintenance technician -- everyone.  These hopes are not for higher test scores or fewer tardies.  They are not hopes for completed homework or straight "A's". They are the hopes that inspired teachers to enter the profession. They are the passions that reflect our collective desire to make a difference in the lives of our kids.  They are the reasons we come to work.

This is what we hope:

My hope for students is that they believe in themselves and have the courage to follow their hearts.

I hope that all our students feel valued and supported and that they learn skills and values that extend far beyond sixth grade.

I hope students realize how much potential they have.

I hope all my students use their special "gift" to help others.

My hope is for my students to know that I love them and truly believe in them.  I hope they learn to love a challenge.

My hope for all students is that they treat each other with respect.

My dream is that all students remember this school because of positive experiences.

It's my hope that every student at TSGC would understand the value of failure.  Failure is an event, not a destiny.  It's our greatest stage from which to learn.

I hope that all our students have an amazing year!

I hope that each student will be kind and respect each other's differences.

My hope is for my students to know I care about them and what is important to them.

My hope is that my students embrace the opportunity to grow every day.

My hope is that my students know they are valued and have a purpose.

My hope is that all students learn to love and value their individuality.

My hope is that I can inspire my students to do great things.

I hope my students become self-confident, self-starting learners.

I hope my students know how much we all care about them and want them to succeed.

My hope is that every student knows how special they are.

My hope is that every student feels accepted and is successful at TSGC.

I hope all of my students show respect and acceptance to each other's individualities.

My hope for my students is to develop a love for learning and build positive relationships.

I want my students to try new things, talk to new people, and learn something new about themselves.

I hope every student feels valued safe and important.

My hope for every student is to grow academically and feel loved when they leave here in May.

My hope is that our students develop empathy for others.

I want my students to leave our classroom as better readers, writers, thinkers, and speakers.

My dream is for my students to feel confident in their math skills and to leave with a smile every day.

My dream for my students is that they feel safe, confident, and welcomed in my classroom.

I hope every kid knows how much I love them.

My hope is that every student aim for the moon!

I hope each student has a healthy and happy school year.

I hope our kids reach for the stars and know we are always there for them.

I hope all my students know that I care about each and every one of them. I also hope that they will be excited to come to my class and motivated to learn.

These are our hopes for our students. 

There are those who would like to quantify the success of schools. But there is no checklist or rubric that adequately captures what a teacher means in the life of a child.  The work of teachers cannot be measured by the metrics of policy makers.  And while I am proud of the dedication of our staff, I know that these hopes are not unique to our teachers.  There are teachers everywhere who work tirelessly to build brighter futures for children. I cannot think of a more noble profession.


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